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The writers in exile committee puts out a biannual literary journal, PENning. For more information and for submission guidelines click here.

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Portrait of Linda Cracknell by Phil Horey

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Blog post from Linda Cracknell about PENning magazine from 22 Sept 2013.

September 22, 2013

Steps to Parnassus

  I was quite surprised to get the call – or rather the email – inviting me to act as guest editor of the forthcoming issue of Scottish PEN’s online magazine. After all, I’m by some distance the least well-known of the three poetry-writing Rob M(a)ckenzies on the Scottish scene. So it was with a […]

November 5, 2011

Business Unusual

It occurs that I haven’t yet written anything about the actual business of PEN Congress in these blogs, which might leave the impression we were simply on a jaunt.  Actually the sessions, occasionally fascinating, can be pretty gruelling as we work through reports and resolutions, and Linda’s experience with WWF1 really helped as we discussed, debated […]

September 19, 2011

Letting the words flow in Belgrade – Linda Cracknell

  “Good morning, Scotland”. The greetings begin as at 9.30am as delegates pass Drew and myself, crossing the border between Scotland and Sierra Leone, on their way to their country’s designated position. It’s the first day that we’ve gathered as an Assembly and this year the alphabetical order has been reversed so that Zambia sit […]

September 15, 2011