A Scent of Water

Nowadays there is a belief that the folk tale is more than an ingenious story displaying simple emotions.

Its apparent naivety, and the often illogical nature of events, can work together to produce a world sharply relevant to our own yet rooted within the created logic of the story itself. The eighteen tales in this book have been written from a variety of sources. Some have grown from an idea or theme in a traditional tale; others are concerned with using conventional elements of the folk tale to create an entirely original piece of writing. Illustrated by Alasdair Gray.

Carl MacDougall

Carl has written novels, collections of short stories, non-fiction, journalism, plays, radio programmes and television series. However he is most at home writing fiction. His work includes three prize-winning novels, four pamphlets and three collections of short stories, two works of non-fiction and he has edited four anthologies, including the best selling The Devil and the Giro. He has also written and presented two major television series and is probably working on too many things.