No More Mulberries

Miriam loves her work in Afghanistan but the Scottish midwife’s marriage to her Afghan husband Dr Iqbal is in trouble. He is no longer the easy-going man she married. When an old friend appears, Miriam finds herself travelling on a journey into her past, searching for answers. Can Miriam and Iqbal save their marriage or will cultural differences, a history of loss, betrayal and secrets prove impossible be overcome? No More Mulberries is an engaging, emotional read which also offers a unique insight into life in rural Afghanistan.

5* review: “A really interesting read that taught me a lot about rural Afghanistan and made me think a lot about the compromises in relationships. A Scottish woman living in Afghanistan provides a great perspective for us Western readers. Her current husband brings his own issues to the table, which makes the plot more varied and complex. Insightful, sensitive and very well written.” - Molly Flanders

ISBN-10: 1849234205 

Also available as an eBook: ASIN: B005RRDZ12


Mary Smith

Mary Smith worked for ten years in Pakistan and Afghanistan before returning to Scotland. She writes fiction, non-fiction and poetry and is a freelance journalist.