The Shoeshine Killer

ISBN: 978-0-9927234-3-9

Published by Pilrig Press 2015

DS Louisa Townsend has moved from Edinburgh to work for the Kiribati Police Service on Tarawa, a remote coral atoll in the middle of the Pacific. She is known locally as the Scottish Lady Detective.

In The Shoeshine Killer Louisa is sent to Fiji for a money laundering conference. She arrives late at night just as a political coup has taken place and finds herself stranded. She thinks she’s lucky when a couple of strangers offer to put her up for the night but quickly changes her mind when she discovers her things were searched while she slept. Then one of the strangers is murdered and Louisa suspects there’s a connection between the killing and whoever searched her stuff. She starts sleuthing on her own but when a second body is found DI Vika, the Fijian officer in charge of the investigation, accuses Louisa of interfering and orders her to stop poking her nose in where it doesn’t belong or else. But Louisa can’t stop. She’s now being followed and her gut instincts tell her the weird things happening to her are connected to the killings. Determined to get to the truth, and with the help of unlikley ally Fijian colleague Constable Makereta, Louisa embarks on a journey which takes the women into Fiji’s murky underworld and fighting for their lives.

Marianne Wheelaghan

I grew up in the 60s, one of nine children and of dual Scottish-German heritage. We were relatively poor and didn't do holidays as such. Possibly because of this, and possibly to get some piece and quiet from my larger-than-life siblings, I used to spend a lot of time hiding in quiet corners and making up stories in my head set in faraway places. This is probably when my love of storytelling began. I also spent a lot of time wondering who I was, more Scottish than German or visa versa. This may be why I like to explore themes in my writing to do with 'home' and 'place' as well as 'identity'. My first novel, The Blue Suitcase (ISBN 9780956614407) is a refugee fiction, set in Silesia, Germany in the 1930/40s and based on my mother's true life story. It tells the harrowing and much under-told story of the second world war from the perspective of an ordinary German Christian girl who becomes displaced. The crime novels, Food of Ghosts ( 978-0-9566144-3-8) and The Shoeshine Killer (978-0-9927234-3-9), are set in the lesser developed countries of Kiribati and Fiji. Through the telling of conventional crime stories in unconventional settings, I hope to bring these faraway places and people to life and show that beneath very different surfaces we all share similar wants and desires.