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Women Writers

The Women Writers committee leads the organisation of two annual events, a symposium for International Women’s Day and a lecture in memory of Naomi Mitchison.

Committee members

Current members of our Women Writers Committee are:

“All my experience as a woman of Scottish background leads me to believe that the principles of PEN are especially natural to the Scottish character, with its independent-mindedness, its will to sincerity in public affairs, its sense of our being unquestionably born free.” – The late Muriel Spark, honorary member of Scottish PEN

Scottish PEN subscribes to the principles outlined in the PEN International Women’s Manifesto, which outlines women’s rights to have free speech, freedom from violence, access to education, the right to roam physically, socially and intellectually, and equality and parity before the law and in pay.

The full manifesto can be read here:

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