Scottish PEN is a centre of PEN International and not-for-profit organisation that champions freedom of expression and literature across borders.

We are a membership organisation and work with a range of writers, campaigners, activists and communities across Scotland and around the world.

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All members of Scottish PEN subscribe to the PEN Charter.

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Vivian French

Alfie Onion

Alfie Onion is setting out on a great adventure. His brother Magnifico is off to make the family’s fortune… but Alfie’s carrying the luggage! But it turns out Magnifico hates adventures and Alfie has to save the day – with a little help from his loyal dog, a talking horse, two mice and some meddling magpies.

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PENning, the Writers in Exile Committee’s biannual online journal, presents work by Scottish PEN’s member-writers alongside writing from people living in Scotland who are from other parts of the world.