Scottish PEN is a centre of PEN International and not-for-profit organisation that champions freedom of expression and literature across borders.

We are a membership organisation and work with a range of writers, campaigners, activists and communities across Scotland and around the world.

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All members of Scottish PEN subscribe to the PEN Charter.

Scottish PEN expresses grave concern regarding the plight of writers in Gaza

Scottish PEN notes with grave concern that on 15th May 2021 targeted airstrikes by the Israeli Air Force destroyed the offices of international media outlets the Associated Press and Al Jazeera in Gaza

Radio Silence: World Press Freedom Day

To mark World Press Freedom Day, we teamed up with Take One Action, NUJ Scotland and PEN Chiapas Multicultural to host a live panel discussion exploring the limits of press freedom in Mexico and Scotland. Watch it online now.

Scottish Black Writers Group with Dorothy Koomson

The next meeting of the Scottish Black Writers Group is set for Thursday 20th May and features guest writer Dorothy Koomson.

New Declarations writing project

Scottish PEN Trustee Rebecca Sharp launches an artist-led online collective writing project, entitled 'What does freedom mean, now?' as part of the Arbroath 2020+1 festival.

Book shop: Purchase Declarations now

Featuring short fiction and poetry from over fifty writers in Scotland and across the globe, the anthology celebrates the power of the written and spoken word and the radical potential of reading.

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Lelia Aboulela


In her Muslim hijab, with her down-turned gaze, Najwa is invisible to most eyes, especially to the rich London families whose houses she cleans. But twenty years earlier, it was a different story.

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