The Algebra of Freedom

(Aurora Metro, ISBN 978-09551566-6-3)

Tony wishes he could turn the clock back.
Jack knows that what’s done is done.
Parvez can’t believe that Sara is back and this time she seems to have all the answers.


“Raman Mundair [is a] daring and worldly writer who flits across genres and forms like they were dancefloor tiles … She has staked her claim to Scotland’s heart, a heart as tender and troubled as her poetry, prose and playwriting. In her stunning, sensual and subtle collection, Lover’s Liars, Conjurers and Thieves, Mundair dances with words, dares and double dares, ram raids the reader’s heart, then does a runner. Later, her lines return like lost lambs in the night, but with the cry of wolves not far behind. A shape-shifter, voice thrower and stealer of breath, she shows that even in a place as cold as this northern outpost language can bubble and brim over.”

Discovering Scottish Literature – A Contemporary Overview, 2008

“There is a stripped-down elegance pulsing through Mundair’s text”

The Herald

The Algebra of Freedom is a strong, important play … by [a] fast-rising young British playwright”

The Scotsman

“Mundair’s punchy writing is … a humane analysis of the social pressures that could bear down on any of us and of the difficulty of doing the right thing”

The List

“[The Algebra of Freedom] is insightful, neatly structured … [and] a respectful meditation on freedom, guilt and forgiveness.”

“[Her] poems … combine honesty … with precisely turned and unobtrusive language whose rhythms always have a sense of rightness.”

World Literature Today

“You never get quite what you might expect … The poems […] are tautly observed, and their conflicts subtly established … [and] are as honest and as compulsively readable as anything in Ted Hughes’ Birthday Letters.”

The New Shetlander

Raman Mundair

Raman Mundair is a writer and artist whose work features social justice at the heart. She is the author of Lovers, Liars, Conjurers and Thieves, A Choreographer’s Cartography, The Algebra of Freedom and edited Incoming: Some Shetland Voices. Raman was awarded a Leverhulme Artists Residency, a Robert Louis Stevenson award and is a Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative nominee.