A novel rather than a biography. Why? I thought a biography would fail to do justice to Marion’s life journey. 

And fain am I to turn again,

Before this journey’s ended,

For a long, long look at the road I came,

So rough and dark and – splendid.

So I’ve written a “spendid” account: in tune with her spirit. One that shows her strength of character, her perceptive and challenging nature, her sense of duty and steely determination.

Self-published, with the help and advice of Duncan Lockerbie, Lumphanan Press, it’s been a fascinating and educational process which gave me a degree of control which was much appreciated.

Review in the Herald:

Aimee Chalmers

Writer and editor. In the past I’ve been a teacher, adviser, researcher, policymaker: a storyteller, craft worker, tutor.

I’ve been lucky: never had a job I didn’t love. I think I’ve been especially successful in developing projects; developing other people’s confidence and voices; encouraging people to claim their rights. I was a good “networker”, making alliances to bring about real change.

Recently I’ve been student and a writer. I write prose and poetry in Scots and English. I’ve also edited, advised, performed, spoken to groups but I’ve realised I’m not good at networking for my own benefit, not good at developing the “business” plan of action to take my writing career forward.

So, now that I’ve re-invented myself as a political activist I see a way to combine all the experience from my previous working life (organisational, developmental and “people” skills) with my current artistic pursuits to promote independence for Scotland.

I’m loving the challenge.