Frisky Ducks and Other Poems

ISBN 978-1-9076-51-2

Chosen by Ron Butlin as a ‘Book of the Year’ in the Sunday Herald, 30 Nov. 2014:

‘Mario Relich’s first full collection Frisky Ducks and Other Poems contains excellent poems that range from the deeply serious to laugh-out-loud funny. A most enjoyable and thoroughly rewarding collection’.

‘A Fleet of Mallards’ was chosen by Lesley Duncan, Poetry Editor of The Herald as a ‘poem of the day’ on 3 July 2015: ‘This life-enhancing moral from mallards comes from Frisky Ducks and Other Poems by Mario Relich’.

‘A wonderful poem looking at Velasquez’s famous painting An Old Woman Cooking Eggs refers to “the power of the ordinary” winning out’.

Bridget M. Stevens in University of Edinburgh Journal (Vol. 46, No. 4, Dec. 2014)

‘Relich’s work shares a kinship with that of Robeert Garioch’s, funny, wary but with hidden depths’.

Richie McCaffery in Northwords Now (Issue 29, Spring 2015)

Mario Relich

Mario Relich lives in Edinburgh, and is Secretary of Scottish PEN. His poems have appeared in Southlight, The Interpreter’s House, Northwords Now, The Antigonish Review and other publications. He’s a regular reviewer for Scottish Affairs, and occasional contributor to Scottish Review of Books and The Dark Horse.