Jack Flint and the Spellbinders Curse

The battle with the Morrigan may be over but Jack Flint’s quest is only just beginning. As the Morrigan struggles with our three adventurers, she hurls Corriwen Redthorn through a gateway and into an unknown world. Jack and Kerry know they must follow and find her – and, unlike Corrie who is alone and afraid, they have the Book of Ways to help them. They step into Eirinn where the land seems held in the grip of an everlasting winter. Jack and Kerry are aided and abetted in their search by friendly Leprechauns, a gentle giant and a troupe of travelling players with magical powers. They soon discover that others are hunting her too. They’re up against the treachery of Dermott the much feared Wolf Lord and Fainn, his Spellbinder. They have stolen the legendary silver cauldron of plenty and the golden harp which keeps the seasons in check. But it’s also been foretold that Dermott will meet his fate at the hands of a fighting woman with red hair. Could Corriwen be his nemesis? He’s desperate to destroy her and anything, or anyone, who gets in his way. Corriwen meantime has saved Connor, a local boy, from being killed by Dermott’s men. He’s a boy, as it turns out, with quite a story to tell. And Jack Flint is beginning to unravel the mystery of who he might be – his adventures in Eirinn reveal clue after clue that might lead him to his father.
Publisher: Orion Children’s Books
Year: 2008
ISBN: 1842557033

Joe Donnelly

Born in Glasgow, he has lived most of his life in Dumbarton and worked as an investigative journalist in Scottish newspapers, gaining Campaigning Journalist of the Year, Reporter of the Year, and Consumer Journalist awards. He holds an M.Phil degree in American Studies from University of Glasgow.