Phoenix Park

As a young man recovers in a Dublin hospital after a fight, he starts to develop some new interests…

When Jimmy McPhee wakes up in hospital, he doesn’t know his name, where he is, or who the Taoiseach is. But as Jimmy’s girlfriend coaxes his memory back to life, a story spanning through a family’s experiences of recent Dublin history expands into something altogether more mysterious.

Inspired by Celtic mythology and the author’s own catastrophic brain haemorrhage, Phoenix Park takes an unflinching look at the tragedies and the surprising humour of brain injury.

Image by Robert Mirolo

for the Dublin Inquirer

Ricky Brown

Ricky Monahan Brown’s short fiction has been published in a number of magazines and journals, including The Dublin Inquirer and Brain of Forgetting. His story “Valhalla” was short-listed for LitLong’s Writing Edinburgh competition last year, and will be available in a forthcoming compilation. A stroke survivor and a recovering lawyer, Ricky has written non-fiction for, and been interviewed by, Brain Injury Journey. After an extended sojourn in Brooklyn, he recently completed a masters degree in creative writing at the University of Edinburgh. Ricky has performed with his band Nerd Bait at the Edinburgh International Book Festival and the Edinburgh International Science Festival, with Illicit Ink.