Ploughman, Poem for Scotland

Chosen as the winner of A Poem for Scotland, an open International Competition to find a poem which would mark the last St Andrew’s Day before the new millennium and the inauguration of The Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh.

The entries, over one hundred of them, were submitted to the judging panel anonymously. Ploughman was the unanimous winner.

The poem was reinstated into The Scottish Parliament, Holyrood, Edinburgh during an official ceremony on April 19, 2006. Only one of two permanent works to feature within the building, as well as in many prestigious sites in the UK, Europe and around the world.

‘Ploughman has had a considerable impact internationally. It’s simple theme carries a powerful message and it is truly deserving of the title, ”A Poem for Scotland”. RT Hon Alex Salmond MSP

“You have a talent that crosses continents, and I’m proud to add my name to your list of admirers.” Dame Judi Dench

“Three cheers for my colleague Scott Martin, whose poetry identifies his as one born with original virtue rather than original sin. This makes him one in about ten thousand!”. Kurt Vonnegut

“We (The Judges) were all quite certain of the caliber and talent behind the winning work.”Douglas Dunn, Professor of Poetry, St Andrews University on ‘Ploughman, A Poem for Scotland’

Scott Martin