ISBN-13: 978-1408857922

Publisher: Bloomsbury Circus, 2015

“Pin in a map, pin in a map. Anywhere at all. Don’t care, as long as it’s not here. She thinks of places she’s been, places she’s read about, and, all the while, she is walking away from home. Definitely not running because that makes folk think you have something to hide.”

Justine is running for her life. She heads north to the mountains and the valleys of the Highlands. Michael and Hannah are also running. With their two sons and their tattered marriage they’ve come to the village of Kilmacarra, looking for home. In a place of standing stones – an ancient landscape in a Scotland on the brink of change – an accident causes these three lives to intertwine, even as the darkness Justine fled is drawing closer. Rise is a novel about faith, freedom and finding your place in the world.

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Karen Campbell

Karen Campbell is a writer, and graduate of Glasgow University’s Creative Writing Masters. Before turning to writing, she was a police officer, and her first four novels focus on the politics of policing, and the people behind the uniform. These are: The Twilight Time, After the Fire, Shadowplay, and Proof of Life – all Hodder & Stoughton. Her fifth novel This is Where I Am, about a Somali refugee living in Glasgow, was published in 2013 by Bloomsbury, and was a Radio 4 Book at Bedtime. Originally from Glasgow, Karen now lives in Galloway, where she completed her sixth novel Rise, published by Bloomsbury in the UK & USA. Rise is a novel about love, freedom and finding your place in the world, and looks at Scotland in the run-up to the Independence referendum. Karen also teaches creative writing, and was recently awarded a Creative Scotland Artist’s Bursary for research into her next novel, set in Italy in WW2, which will tell the story of the role that US Buffalo soldiers played in the liberation of Tuscany.