The Search

Czechoslovakia, 1942. Jan’s father has been summarily executed by the Nazis. His mother and his older sister Maria have disappeared, and his younger sister Lena has been removed to a remote farm in the German countryside. With Europe in the throes of war, the ten-year-old boy embarks on a personal journey to reunite the family he has been violently torn from. The experiences he goes through and the horror he faces during this desperate quest will change his life for ever.

While examining the devastating effects of war on ordinary families, The Search provides an exploration of fear and loss, and of the bond between parents and children. Riveting, moving, at times disturbing, Maureen Myant’s debut novel will haunt its readers for a long time after they have put it down.

ISBN: 9781846881039

Published by Alma Books, 2010

Maureen Myatt

I was born in Glasgow and have lived there most of my life. I currently work as an educational psychologist but have also been a teacher and an associate lecturer for the Open University. Although I’d always wanted to write I didn’t really start until the late 1990s when I realized “it’s now or never”. After completing some evening classes at Glasgow University where I was inspired by Janet Paisley, Gerrie Fellowes and Robin Lloyd Jones, I went on to do the MLitt in Creative Writing at Glasgow University. I enjoyed it so much – the other students were very supportive as were the tutors – I went on to do a PhD (which was a much lonelier project) and was awarded this in 2007. My writing time is precious and takes up most of my evenings and weekends. I still meet regularly with writers I met on the MLitt course so we can discuss our works in progress. The Search is my first novel. It was published in Spanish and Dutch before my agent found a publisher for it in the UK. This caused some confusion among my mother’s friends, one of whom asked why I couldn’t get it translated into English!