A Sensible Woman

ISBN 978-0-9933314-2-8

Published by Fiona Cameron, February 2016

When a friend remarks casually that the prices for dead artists’ work tend to be higher, Scottish gallery-owner Mabel Mountjoy finds herself daydreaming about how it would be if demand for Roddy McCulloch’s work skyrocketed overnight. In recent years, she simply hasn’t been able to shift his paintings at any price. But when Roddy disappears and a most unusual private investigator is called in to help find him, the repercussions are far beyond anything Mabel has foreseen. An unusual ‘second-chance’ romance, intermingled with a ‘whodunnit’ mystery, set in the small towns of South-West Scotland’s Solway coast.



‘For those who haven’t yet had the pleasure of reading Fiona Cameron, well, imagine a marriage between Alexander McCall Smith and Joanna Trollope, with Anne Fine and Barbara Vine as bridesmaids. For those who have read Fiona’s previous books, there will be an added frisson of recognition, as we realise that we recollect some of the characters, and it’s satisfying catching up with them again as old friends…A rollicking good tale takes off and you can’t leave it alone, it has to work out. A bit of a crime mystery, a dash of late life love affair, a helping of local landscape, nature, travelogue, social history, all mix up delightfully into the best of Fiona’s books yet.’ (Kate Kirby)

A mix of mystery & romance – a wonderful read that kept me turning pages & looking forward to reading more by Fiona Cameron. (R. lomazow)

Fiona Cameron

I studied history and economics at university, and started my career as a lecturer, before becoming a journalist.

I was born in Glasgow, and currently live in the beautiful (if rainy!) south west of Scotland, though I also have a great and abiding love of both Scotland’s capital city, and of our western islands. That’s where the books which make up the Balvaig Trilogy are set.

I’ve been writing for many years, and have had several short stories published in New Fiction collections.

I’m a member of the NUJ, Scottish PEN, the Federation of Writers (Scotland), the Alliance of Independent Authors, and the Society of Authors.