Skunk Cabbage

The long-awaited new poetry collection by Elspeth Brown will appeal to all contemporary poetry and nature lovers. The engage the natural world in addition to that of myth and mystery.

Review from the back of Skunk Cabbage by Vicki Feaver.

“Elspeth Brown’s poems look at the world slightly aslant, as Stevie Smith did. She has a vision that encompasses a despised flower, in the wonderful, “Skunk Cabbage”, a hellfire preacher in “Drying Out”, and the sun ranging the sky as the head of a giraffe, in “Kate’s Poem”.

Her voice is questioning, unafraid – bravely tackling no go areas, wryly humorous and always compassionate. Her poems are moving, thought provoking, but above all, with their offbeat observations and insights, highly entertaining.”

Elspeth Brown

Elspeth has had several pamphlets published and two books of poetry, A Crab in the Moon’s Mouth, and Skunk Cabbage. Her poetry and short stories have been in Southlight, Markings, Gutter and Poetry Scotland, London Magazine, among others. Particular writing interests are James Clerk Maxwell, John Muir, Green Men and Clydeside. Her play, The Spectrum, concerning James Clerk Maxwell, has been performed at the Edinburgh Fringe and read at the Edinburgh Science Festival. She was reading at the 2015 Science Festival and Edinburgh Fringe. Elspeth has enjoyed reading in many venues throughout the U.K including the Isle of Wight Literary Festival. She is working on her next poetry collection for her publisher, Indigo Dreams.