That Person Himself

A fox hears voices. A dogfox of indeterminate gender careers round desert USA, Hiroshima & Nagasaki in stolen cars & on foot. A barkingdog talks out loud & sings. A demotic fox listens & listens. A coyotefox lies. A coyote speaks truth. A kitfox reads the signs & tunes the car radio. Kitsune eats & drinks. They are all that person himself, who is also summoner of kingfishers, bringer of acorns, old compound eye, the one geese kiss & the drinker of aftershock. that person himself wanders in atom-bomb test sites, mooches in nuclear weapon fallout, from bar to deer park, from festical to raised landscape


gerry loose headshot

Gerry Loose

Gerry Loose is a poet whose work is found inscribed in galleries, hospitals, Botanic Gardens and wild places, as well as in his many books. He is the recipient of a Creative Scotland Award, a Robert Louis Stevenson Fellowship, a Kone Foundation Award and a Hermann Kesten Stipendium, among others