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The Lights Below

A young man, Andy Paterson, has just been released from prison on a drugs charge of which he is innocent; he wants to know why he was framed and by whom.

“Glasgow has changed a lot since he was put away; he has to attune himself to the new rhythms, a painful business. He isn’t a tough guy – in fact he is an intelligent young man with a love of books and music… The novel is as much a celebratory portrait of modern Glasgow as of Andy Paterson.” “It is a beautifully constructed story throughout. Glasgow has a major new novelist in Carl MacDougall, no doubt about it.” GEORGE MACKAY BROWN, 1993.

“The Lights Below is a model of stealth. MacDougall builds his story, layer upon layer, surreptitiously towards a deft and utterly plausible resolution. It’s focus is Andy; its locus Glasgow. The city’s presence is alive; MacDougall deploys it as more than the setting for Andy’s search. It lives in the memory of his book. It serves as a symbol of continuity and change, presenting persuasively both the comforts and disaffections human beings serve on each other. ” SCOTLAND ON SUNDAY, 1993. “A masterpiece … one of the great Scottish novels of this century.” SPECTATOR.

Carl MacDougall

Carl has written novels, collections of short stories, non-fiction, journalism, plays, radio programmes and television series. However he is most at home writing fiction. His work includes three prize-winning novels, four pamphlets and three collections of short stories, two works of non-fiction and he has edited four anthologies, including the best selling The Devil and the Giro. He has also written and presented two major television series and is probably working on too many things.