The Territory of Rain

The Territory of Rain came out in 2015, also published by Red Squirrel Press

ISBN: 978 1 910437 21 6

The Territory of Rain set in the village in the Forth Valley where she has lived for thirty-three years, goes deeper into the idea of home, exploring the practices of re-inhabiting and re-wilding, and looking again at some of the underlying assumptions of eco-feminism. It deals with the different ways humans make their homes in a particular landscape – their observations and interactions with it, the structures they build or abandon there, the myths they create about it, and the way they shape and are shaped by it through what happens to them.

“Here are poems that reflect an acute observation of the natural world; poems written with an authority derived from being immersed in the subject – Rimmer places human activity within great expanse of ‘earth-time'” –  Stuart B Campbell

Elizabeth Rimmer’s poems have been widely published in magazines such as Poetry Scotland, Northwords Now, Gutter, Stravaig, Eildon Tree and Zoomorphic, and also in the Dark Mountain books. In 2015 she won first prize in the Poetry Scotland Haibun competition. More recently her poetry has reflected a growing interest in the philosophy, psychology and spirituality of ecological movements, and she is particularly interested in the mythology of women in connection to the earth and to nature, and our strategies for dealing with hard times. She is the current Makar for the Federation of Writers (Scotland). Her blog can be found at

Elizabeth Rimmer

Elizabeth Rimmer was born and educated in Liverpool and moved to Scotland in 1977, where she lives beside the river Forth. Poet, gardener, river-watcher, and grandmother, her roots are Catholic, radical, feminist and green. She is inspired by weather, landscape and tradition, and writes about language, legends and our relationships with the environment.