Waiting for Lindsay

On a hot July day, Lindsay Mathieson, confident, careless and thirteen years old, walks up the beach where she has played all her life, around the rocks and out of sight. She leaves behind her two younger brothers, and two cousins. She does not come back.

Thirty years later, the events on that fateful day remain a mystery. Gradually the cousins are drawn back to the High House, where as children they played on that sunny beach. There they must come to terms not just with the past, but with their own fallibility, and an uncertain future.

‘It’s just not like her,’ Stuart kept saying, ‘to wander off without telling anyone.’

Not all night,’ Christine said. ‘Not all night.’

The children were going down to look along the beach. ‘Stay together,’ their mothers said. ‘Look after the little ones.’ They felt helpless: should they keep the children with them or not? But they had spent all the summers of their lives on this safe familiar shore. ‘We’ll call you,’ they said. ‘Don’t go past the rocks. Come back when we call.’

“Forsyth writes with warmth and sensitivity, exploring the ways in which an ordinary family is changed by tragedy.”
-The Times

“An enthralling read.”
-Family Circle

“Haunting and evocative.”
-Yorkshire Post

“Washes out the dark nooks and crannies of loss and love.”
-Highland News

“An evocative, atmospheric read.”
-Press & Journal

Moira Forsyth

Moira Forsyth is the author of four novels and many short stories and poems published in anthologies and magazines. She worked for many years in Education, including teaching in a Young Offenders’ Institution in the North of England, then latterly in Highland as the strategic lead for government initiatives to assist young people to move on successfully from school. She is now Editorial Director at Sandstone Press. Her previous novels, Waiting for Lindsay and David’s Sisters were originally published by Sceptre, but are now available as e-books from Sandstone Press, which also published Tell Me Where You Are (2010) and The Treacle Well (2015).