02 Nov

Day of the Dead: Courage in the Name of Freedom of Expression

17:30 — 20:00
Mitchell Library, Glasgow

Hosted by journalist and author, Jean Rafferty of Scottish PEN.

Scottish PEN in partnership with the Scottish Writers’ Centre are collaborating in a remembrance event to honour ‘Courageous Writers’ who are no longer with us.

We’re celebrating the Day of the Dead to honour ‘Absent Friends’ and commemorate the courage of writers, poets, and journalists living and working in Mexico, one of the most dangerous countries in the world for expressing the right to freedom of expression.

We will be reading from the works of Mexican writers, followed by an open mic for those who want to read their own reaction to those who are killed and imprisoned for their right to freedom of expression. The theme of your submission is ‘Mexico or Courage in speaking out.’ This is open to interpretation.