11 Sep

The History of Scottish PEN

14:00 — 17:00

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‘With PEN approaching its centenary in 2021 and Scottish PEN (founded 1927) an early part of this distinctive worldwide organisation, now is a good time for historical reflection. Issues of freedom of expression, human rights, and the hampering of these things by individuals, institutions and states have been the concerns of SPEN for nearly a hundred years. The precise battleground might change through time but the cause remains in essence the same: protecting the freedom of fair utterance as part of a healthy and accountable democratic culture. This symposium looks at both the historic archives and the contemporary operation of one of Scotland’s most distinctive and important international organisations’.

– Gerard Carruthers, Scottish PEN

Join Scottish PEN, the University of Glasgow School of Critical Studies and the Royal Society of Edinburgh as we mark the upcoming centenary of PEN International, the first worldwide association of writers, working to defend freedom of expression and the promotion of literature.

At this digital event, we will discuss the history of Scottish PEN, consider the many achievements of the organisation, and share perspectives on the issues facing writers and advocates of free expression in Scotland and around the world today.

Speakers include:

Contributions from speakers will be followed by a panel discussion.

This event is free to attend.