ILKYAZ – Rapunzel Kissers Community by Ahmet Ucar

As part of our partnership with Ilkyaz, here is a poem written by Turkish writer, Ahmet Ucar entitled Rapunzel Kissers Community

June 13, 2019

This is published as part of our partnership with Ilkyaz

Born in November of 1989 in Isparta. Ahmet Ucar graduated university in 2013 and completed his masters degree in 2015 at Bilkent University Chemistry Department. He is continuing his PhD in Bioengineering at University of Edinburgh. His writings have so far been published at online and in print sources such as Notos, Kultur Mafyas?, De/Da. He keeps an amaterusih interest in photography and cinema.

Rapunzel Kissers Community

May the world crumble upon me

Now that I’ve kissed Rapunzel.

“If the steel, armored wall has surrounded  

The horizons of the western front…”

Was what Rapunzel said.  

Her hair was nothing like my mother-tongue

“This hair can only be Swedish” I thought

And I had only heard of Sweden

From the chocolates my uncle brought.

The teacher used to hand out almond candy to Rapunzel

I would bang my head against the corner medicine cabinet,


Everyone would look at me

Rapunzel’s hair down to her waist

Rifki would give crowns made of flowers to Rapunzel.

My arm would break

A camel coloured, wilted dress on your birthday

An ache speared in my tummy

Her mum kissing her on the day

They hand out the report cards.

She shows she doesn’t know how to kiss

By the fact that she is a mother.

Now that I’ve come to kiss  

One of Günay Abla’s daughters, Rapunzel

Moments ago, in the flower brothel

Three times over

And accidentally,

Trails of moustache scuffing on Rapunzel’s cheeks.

Mine scarlet of five fingers  

Worlds crumble upon me if you doubt it!

Translated with the author’s approval by Ege Dündar