Zoravia: The Freedom Game

Zoravia is a board game created by Robin Lloyd-Jones. Find out more about the game and its history on this page – will freedom of expression win?

Zoravia: The Freedom Game

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The awareness raising game on the struggle between the oppressors and the oppressed and the importance of freedom of expression.

Zoravia is the brainchild of Robin Lloyd-Jones and has been developed by Scottish PEN.

In the game the oppressive state of Zoravia attempts to silence its writers and journalists and the latter try to exercise their right to freedom of expression, stay out of prison and survive.

Based on real cases in the files of International PEN, this game is aimed at 16-25 age range to create awareness of the importance of freedom of expression to a just, equal and democratic society.

It has been successfully used in secondary schools by English and Modern Studies departments, citizenship courses and creative writing groups.

Workshop run by Scottish PEN on request.

Guidelines available for teachers.

For further information contact Robin Lloyd-Jones.

To purchase this item, please contact Scottish PEN.