ISBN 1-84596-052-1

Language is central to people’s existence and this vivid account celebrates the survival of Scots in its various dialects, its literature and song – a national treasure that thrives in many parts of the country and underpins the speech of everyone that calls themselves a Scot.

“Kay is the best writer on his own language I have read since Burchfield on English … his book … is capably seditious.” The Herald

“He has shown that we can and do speak naturally and easily in a language of grace, dignity and power. Much of his work has been moving, delightful, even inspiring.” The Edinburgh Review

“It is not the kind of dry academic tome so cherished by linguistic nitpickers, but a bright, radical examination of the language which is at the heart of our existence.” Press & Journal

Billy Kay

Billy Kay is a writer and broadcaster. His best known books are Scots The Mither Tongue and The Scottish World.