The Scottish World

ISBN 978-1-84596-317-0

A Journey into the Scottish Diaspora

“Thaim wi a guid Scots tongue in their heid are fit tae gang ower the warld.”

In The Scottish World, renowned broadcaster Billy Kay takes us on a global journey of discovery, highlighting the extraordinary influence the Scots have had on communities and cultures on almost every continent.

Kenneth White The Scottish Review of Books

“To sum up. If the Scottish World is not a complete cultural geography (that’s still on the horizon), what Billy Kay does and he does it well , true to his intention of adding “an open, international dimension to our sense of national identity” is weave a web of world- wide Scottishness with a weft of critical humour and a woof of knowledgeable feeling.”

The Scots Independent Denholm Christie

“… a well researched study of the real influence Scots have had on the modern world in which we can take a proper pride. If you feel the odd Cringe from time to time, buy this book to restore the balance”

Sunday Herald 4/12/06 Books of the Year Neal Ascherson

Billy Kay’s The Scottish World (Mainstream, £16.99), is a ramble across the planet, and is full of revelations about the Scottish diaspora overlooked by most historians.

Sunday Herald Paul Henderson Scott

The Scottish World: A Journey into the Scottish Diaspora glows with his enthusiasm for Scotland and for other counties in a lifetime of exploration.

Sunday Post

“Makes clear Scotland’s contribution to world history”

Billy Kay

Billy Kay is a writer and broadcaster. His best known books are Scots The Mither Tongue and The Scottish World.